Our team


Hi, I’m Bia!

The youngest of 4 siblings and daughter of amazing parents, whom I´m very proud of. I was a very happy, talkative and sensitive child. I grew up surrounded by friends, and now realize that I´ve always believed in the power of human connection. I've always been independently spirited and mature from an early age. Life, however, has continually showed me the importance of having people around that you can rely on. Writing has always been a passion of mine and justice an ideal. So, I went on to study law at University thinking that I would find my place in society, but that wasn't the case. I realized that I had yet to find my chosen profession, so I did some deep soul searching. I changed my career path and found my calling. After nearly 15 years of having worked and built up a strong portfolio of hiring CEOs and leaders, specializing in the digital industry, I followed through a lifelong dream of starting my own business and dedicating myself to something I love. I´m QWAN´s founding partner, a life project that I share with amazing women. I´m Gustavo´s mother, yogi and an optimistic person. I love music, arts and sports, and to me, travelling the world or relaxing in a quiet day at home are equally valuable.
I hold a bachelor’s degree in law from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC, SP) with specialization on Tax Law from PUC- COGEAE and 360º Leadership from FGV. I’m certified in the courses/tools: Coaching - Sociedade Brasileira de Coaching, DISC (behavioral analysis) and Richard Barret (individual values´ and organizational culture evaluation) methodologies. I am fluent in English and have an advanced level of Spanish.


Hi, I’m Thais!

Bernardo´s and Micaela´s mom. I was born in SP, but my roots are embedded in two strong cultures: Japanese and Jewish, and this mixture says a lot about who I am. I´m passionate about learning new cultures, travelling and to be surrounded by friends and family. I´m also a total foodie and spiritualized person who searches for a positive and upbeat way of living. I graduated in Business Administration and worked in different areas, from strategic consultancy to marketing/trade at a large consumer goods multinational, until I found my calling in Executive Search. Since I was a little girl, I was the one who would get friends together and introduce them to each other, it´s something that up to this day gives me great pleasure and I do it spontaneously. I now have the privilege of professionally dedicating myself to working with that. I started working as a headhunter in Barcelona at a large multinational company and, in 2009, came back to Brazil and managed different practices, specializing in industries such as retail, consumer goods, life sciences and HR discipline. Since 2016, I dedicate myself to doing my best work possible, being authentic and using my strengths to make a real difference in the lives we impact through our connections at QWAN.
I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from FGV-EAESP, with the extension courses ”The Soul of Leadership – Deepak Chopra” from Kellogg School of Management / Northwestern University, “Entrepreneurship” and “Finance for non-Finance Executives” from FGV-EAESP. I´m certified in the courses/tools: Corporate Governance Best Practices – IBGC (Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance), Leader Coach – ICI Coaching Institute and Hogan Assessment – Atelier RH. I am fluent in English and Spanish and have an advanced level of French and intermediate Catalan.


Hi, I’m Renata!

I inherited my last name WRIGHT from my father, who has passed away a long time ago. I´m Bebela´s and Luli´s mom. One of my main values is caring for my family and this is reflected in all my relationships, alongside with my resolute way of dealing with life. My motto is “almost impossible is not totally impossible”. I was raised in the countryside of São Paulo, at Itu. I moved back to the city to study Psychology and begin my career path. I started working in HR at large multinationals and was part of the team that set up one of the first executive search consultancies in Brazil. I briefly returned to HR, but by then I had already discovered that working with Executive Search is what fulfills me. While working with executive search, I dedicated time to multiple industries with a generalist approach, but I´ve always had great affection and affinity in recruiting for the HR discipline. I´m a fighter and I have a strong personality, but at the same time I'm warm hearted and like to take care of everyone around me. I come from a family of strong women with sound values and a clear life purpose. And this is how my 3rd was born, QWAN. It is here that I feel fulfilled on a daily basis, working with passion, quality and responsibility.
I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UNIP, with specialization on Professional, Emotional, Technological Competences in Times of Change from PUC and Talent Management from Ágape. I´m certified in the courses/tools: Integrated Coaching and Leader Coach - ICI Integrated Coaching and MBTI - Myers Briggs Type Indicator. I am fluent in English.