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Executive Search

We focus on leadership projects, recruiting senior and top management positions. Our Conscious Hiring methodology aims to transform the Talent Aquisition process by focusing on understanding the purpose and values of each professional, beyond analysing the personal profile, behavioral and technical competences and professional background.

OUR Industries

Digital, Fashion & Retail, Consumer Goods Healthcare & Life Sciences , Energy & Infrastructure , Industry Technology & Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment Services, Transport & Logistics, Automotive, Financial Institutions Family Businesses, Corporate Governance and Board Members


We believe that Conscious Hiring brings a positive impact for corporations and society. Through a thorough process with a clear purpose, culture and values identification and an equal treatment to all stakeholders, we can change Talent Aquisition Processes. The Conscious Hiring methodology seeks to build more human driven, transparent and long lasting connections, based on diversity and respect. Aligned with the Conscious Capitalism philosophy, our executive search approach aims to make a genuine difference to all parts envolved in the process.


We conduct a thorough assessment of executives, based on their personal values, personalities, competences and carrer derailers. Thus, we ensure a detailed assessment of their profiles as well as provide insight for human and organizational development initiatives and executive search.

Market Screening

We provide real time market scanning by identifying executives, organizational structures, target companies, competitors and sector benchmarks.

Human & Organizational Development

We work on human and organizational development, applying both our sensitivity and extensive experience in corporate dynamics. Through innovative experiences, we lead an interactive and introspective process, developing and enhancing competencies, individual strenghs as well as team building exercises.

QWAN Experience

Is a digital initiative to provide self-awareness and connection amongst the team. Side by side with the client´s leaders and HR, we support a journey of reflection and awakening of skills, engaging people in a sensible and effective manner. We provide outside the box experiences, with innovative formats and content.

QWAN Studios

Digital content designed to highlight corporate culture and values and work on team building elements such as identity, connection, strengths and common goals.