Who we are

We are a boutique consultancy specialized in executive search, assessment and human and organizational development, wich gathers a broad experiences connecting executives. Managing projects with proximity, positivity and a personal touch is our way of working. With an innovative DNA, our relationships are based on an in depth understanding of your company´s culture and challenges which in turn enables us to offer effective solutions.

Our Values

We believe that projects lead with passion, commitment and sensitivity are the formula to achieving extraordinary results. Our decisions are driven by our values, always aiming to build long term relationships.
We believe in genuine connections with people.


Have the ability to put yourself in someone else´s place at all times


Treat everyone in a thoughtful and transparent manner.


Be intuitive with a perceptive eye to understand the intangible aspects.


Act in a fair and ethical manner at all times.


To be readily avaiable, building long term relationships.


Face challenges with an optimistic approach, looking for creative solutions.

Our partnerships

To us, having a partnership means to contribute with the world by sharing our strongest attributes.

Conscious Capitalism

According to our values, principles and practices, we have found in the partnership with Conscious Capitalism synergy and the possibility to develop together a new reality in corporate dynamics. Through collaborative initiatives such as the Conscious Hiring methodology and disclosing best practices, our role is to connect purpose, culture, leadership skills and stakeholders, in order to extend the presence of Conscious Businesses in Brazil. We are members of the Conscious Capitalism Institute in Brazil and signatories of its manifest.


Humanized Research

We were part of Humanized Research - Pesquisa Humanizadas - (aligned with the Conscious Capitalism movement), with the purpose to evaluate the way society, employees, consumers, business partners and investors understand the humanization rate of companies. In addition to that, to disseminate good practices of humanized companies and to inspire other organizations to promote a positive transformation. For QWAN, understanding the stage of maturity and quality of the relationships we have established with multiple stakeholders is an important part of our evolutionary journey and we are proud to receive the ´Rating A´ accreditation seal, being among the Top Performance companies in Humanized Research 2020.

Our lenses

One theme, different perspectives, endless connections.

Deep Diving into 2020

Faced with a new world reality, we´ve heard people we admire sharing their various experiences and perspectives during their time in quarantine. You can watch these heartfelt testimonies in the videos below.